Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feelin' loved!

I have the best fans and friends ever. Some were even asking after me! Sorry I haven't written all month, my foster momma has been really busy with school lately, and we just couldn't find the time to write together! Things are fine here in foster land. I am still learning new obedience tricks, going to pit bull school, and playing lots with friends. I cannot wait for summer to come! I think we are so close to summer, but the grey skies sure have made me think otherwise. But, I don't let grey skies get me down! Here's why:

Look at this! I am on "petfinder" now, so that maybe I will get one step closer to finding my forever people. And look, I have 37 facebook "likes"!!! Foster momma told me that the more people that "like" me, the greater the chances of finding my forever people. I sure do feel loved. Thanks so much to all who follow my blog and check in on me. I am so grateful for the support from all of you. Really, big tail wags and kissies to all of you! xoxo

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Making new Friends, kisses gallore!

Wow, I had a really nice day last Saturday. I went to my usual "doggie school" where I learn obedience training, and guess what?! There was a whole party for all of us pit bulls! It was BADRAP's Open House! I got so many kisses and compliments, it was the best day ever. I was on my best manners and pranced around class showing off all my good moves. But, the best part was............ giving kisses!!!!

Here are a few pictures of me making some new friends. ;-) See how happy I am?

Tail wags and kisses gallore! Love, Dexter

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Walkies!

Every Wednesday my auntie Lynette comes over and takes me on a walkies with my foster siblings. She and my foster mom give us all pit bull pedicures and take us on a walk in the neighborhood. I am Lynette's favorite! She is the one who made me cookies on Valentines Day. She makes me feel special and I love it when she visits. :-)

I look forward to every Wednesday walkies. Thanks Lynette for making me feel extra special and for taking the time to help my foster mom give us all pit bull pedicures and a little extra TLC. You are the best!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

Wow, it is such a nice day here!!! I am about to go jogging, but I wanted to give a quick "hello" to you all. I hope all my blogger friends are getting to enjoy this nice beautiful day. I spent the whole morning out side with my foster friends while my foster momma did some gardening. I love it when I get to play outside!

Be good all my doggie friends, and stay away from those fox tails!

Kisses and tailwags, Dexter

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

My big sister Sydney

I have the best foster sisiter Syndey Magoo. She is so nice and teaches me all about being a good little brother. We play and play all day long. At night sometimes we snuggle. She is so nice and even lets me sleep on the couch with her. I am so lucky. Sometimes she puts me in my place when I play too hard or when I annoy her. I really am like a little brother to her. She is brindle and has big beautiful eyes.

Look at us snuggle on the couch. I hope in my forever home I get to have a sister like her. It sure would be fun!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I went to doggie school today.

Every Sunday morning I get to go to school. Its so much fun! I see lots of other doggies in school and get to meet many nice people. I am a good boy and sit, stay, and heal on command. My foster mom tells me I am smart and a good dog. Professor Linda and Professor Tim coach me and tell me ways I can be a better dog. Its really cool.

Did you know that if you adopt me I come with a lifetime of free training classes? How cool is that?! BADRAP is a great support network for those interested in adopting a new pet like me. They tell me to keep learning so that one day I can make my forever home very proud. I cannot wait to find my forever home. I am starting to wonder if it will ever happen. I am such a good dog, with people, other dogs, and just about everything else! I hope someone notices me someday. Someone once said that "red dogs" take longer to find homes. I guess I am a "red dog". But, my foster mom comforts me and tells me that "red dogs" are pretty and that I just need to be patient. I hope the right people come around one day. I am crossing my paws for good luck!

Well, I am tired from school. I think I am going to go snooze in the sun with my foster siblings.... tail wags and kisses to you!!!