Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feelin' loved!

I have the best fans and friends ever. Some were even asking after me! Sorry I haven't written all month, my foster momma has been really busy with school lately, and we just couldn't find the time to write together! Things are fine here in foster land. I am still learning new obedience tricks, going to pit bull school, and playing lots with friends. I cannot wait for summer to come! I think we are so close to summer, but the grey skies sure have made me think otherwise. But, I don't let grey skies get me down! Here's why:

Look at this! I am on "petfinder" now, so that maybe I will get one step closer to finding my forever people. And look, I have 37 facebook "likes"!!! Foster momma told me that the more people that "like" me, the greater the chances of finding my forever people. I sure do feel loved. Thanks so much to all who follow my blog and check in on me. I am so grateful for the support from all of you. Really, big tail wags and kissies to all of you! xoxo


  1. happy for the update, Dexter...missed ya! :)

  2. Wow, Dexter! Petfinder? You have truly arrived.

  3. Whew, thanks. I needed my Dexter fix!

  4. Hi Dexter, it's Molly, dogwalker from Napa Animal Shelter. By any chance are you still looking for your forever home? I want to adopt you. I've put in a call to BadRap and wanted to check in with you personally. It's a longshot I know, because I'm still looking for my forever home. Great news! I'm approved for SSI which means that soon I'll be back on my feet. Dexter, you're the dog I want walking beside me as I rebuild my life after domestic violence. (Remember how you walked me thru my trauma recovery? and how you helped me be brave in the big outside world? and all the hugs you gave me when I was feelin' blue?) You are a one dog rescue squadron (an Army of One!) and I know we'd make a great team. I know it's a longshot, but you helped me find my voice, and you're a dog worth barking for. PS. Tell your foster momma know how strong, happy and sleek you look- she's givin' you all the good TLC and PE classes.

  5. Hi Molly! Thanks so much for remembering Dexter and walking him in his shelter days. Dexter got very lucky recently, and found his forever home! He lives with children and even other dogs. Sorry the timing wasn't better, you message is so kind and I am sure Dexter would have loved to be beside you as you rebuild your life. Somehow I am not suprised that he touched your life so, he is such a special dog. Good luck with everything and finding your future forever dog.

  6. Thank you Katie, and Congratulations Dexter, and a big Hug & Kiss on finding your forever family!

    I am sad we won't be walking beside each other, but this means that you'll be giving a family of children the gift of growing up big and strong, walking tall beside you.

    I have faith one day we'll meet again - and that you'll get to sniff noses with my forever pitbull, who is still out there in this world, on his way to find me.

    I am so blessed for having known you, Dexter, you beautiful golden Ray of Sunshine!

    Love and kisses always, Molly

  7. Hi Katie! Dexter is such a cutie! How about having Dexter pose for Let me know if you're interested! I'd love to have him on our site & Facebook page!