Sunday, April 17, 2011

I went to doggie school today.

Every Sunday morning I get to go to school. Its so much fun! I see lots of other doggies in school and get to meet many nice people. I am a good boy and sit, stay, and heal on command. My foster mom tells me I am smart and a good dog. Professor Linda and Professor Tim coach me and tell me ways I can be a better dog. Its really cool.

Did you know that if you adopt me I come with a lifetime of free training classes? How cool is that?! BADRAP is a great support network for those interested in adopting a new pet like me. They tell me to keep learning so that one day I can make my forever home very proud. I cannot wait to find my forever home. I am starting to wonder if it will ever happen. I am such a good dog, with people, other dogs, and just about everything else! I hope someone notices me someday. Someone once said that "red dogs" take longer to find homes. I guess I am a "red dog". But, my foster mom comforts me and tells me that "red dogs" are pretty and that I just need to be patient. I hope the right people come around one day. I am crossing my paws for good luck!

Well, I am tired from school. I think I am going to go snooze in the sun with my foster siblings.... tail wags and kisses to you!!!


  1. I lub you Dexter! I have been trying to convince my people to adopt you for MONTHS. I will keep working on them.
    Love, Fanny the Pit Bull (formerly Hypatia)

  2. Hi Fanny the Pit Bull! Thanks for trying to convince your folks. That is so sweet. Once I got to have a play date with your sister Rosie and we had so much fun. I bet you and me would be fast friends, Fanny the Pit Bull.
    See you at school one of these days!

  3. Dexter you precious little thing. You are gorgeous, I hope you know. And I want you to know also that red hair is never a bad thing. Red hair is always beautiful, eye-catching. I'm not sure I understand what that was about having a hard time adopting red dogs. People are always going out specifically looking for those rare (NOT!) blue and red dogs, and tricolor, and double-merle, etc., etc. I've heard the old story about how black dogs are harder to adopt out for some reason but never anything about red dogs??? I'm stumped.