Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bling Bling! Thanks Paco Collars!

My foster mom went out of town last week. I got to stay with a very special person who made me some "bling bling". Thank you so much Paco Collars for making me look so handsome! The light tan leather matches my golden red fur, and the light green stones match my light green eyes. My foster mom told me that I almost look like a different dog with such a pretty collar on.

If you want to buy a pretty custom made collar for your doggie, click here:
And they donate to badrap and help many homeless doggies around the bay area. How cool is that?

Thanks again Ana and Paco Collars for making me feel so special and making me such a nice collar. I finally got some bling on!


  1. Dexter, I didn't think you could get much more gorgeous, and then *poof* you go and get a Paco collar that makes your colors pop, baby!

  2. He looks SUPER handsome in that collar! I miss him, stop by for freebie treats anytime!