Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My new friend Stella.

I made a new friend!!!! I will let the pictures speak for themselves. She is cutie pie brown dodo bird like me. :-)

Stella and I play "hide and seek", where I give her a head start and she goes and hides in the bushes. Then I try to find her and we spin in circles around the bushes, she tells me "Catch me if you can fella!!!"

Don't tell anyone, but I have a super big crush on Stella. She has the biggest smile I have ever seen....her smile makes me smile!!! If dogs could giggle, I would giggle when I think of Stella. I think she may have a crush on me too, but we are both too shy to admit it. It makes my foster mom happy to see us play. She told me that I am "dog-friendly" and that she is so proud of me for behaving nicely around visiting dogs. I have made other friends besides Stella too, I will have to tell you all about them another time.

I hope she comes over to play soon! Check out her big smile. You will see why it makes me smile... giggle giggle!!!