Thursday, June 9, 2011

Feelin' loved!

I have the best fans and friends ever. Some were even asking after me! Sorry I haven't written all month, my foster momma has been really busy with school lately, and we just couldn't find the time to write together! Things are fine here in foster land. I am still learning new obedience tricks, going to pit bull school, and playing lots with friends. I cannot wait for summer to come! I think we are so close to summer, but the grey skies sure have made me think otherwise. But, I don't let grey skies get me down! Here's why:

Look at this! I am on "petfinder" now, so that maybe I will get one step closer to finding my forever people. And look, I have 37 facebook "likes"!!! Foster momma told me that the more people that "like" me, the greater the chances of finding my forever people. I sure do feel loved. Thanks so much to all who follow my blog and check in on me. I am so grateful for the support from all of you. Really, big tail wags and kissies to all of you! xoxo