Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Making new Friends, kisses gallore!

Wow, I had a really nice day last Saturday. I went to my usual "doggie school" where I learn obedience training, and guess what?! There was a whole party for all of us pit bulls! It was BADRAP's Open House! I got so many kisses and compliments, it was the best day ever. I was on my best manners and pranced around class showing off all my good moves. But, the best part was............ giving kisses!!!!

Here are a few pictures of me making some new friends. ;-) See how happy I am?

Tail wags and kisses gallore! Love, Dexter

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Walkies!

Every Wednesday my auntie Lynette comes over and takes me on a walkies with my foster siblings. She and my foster mom give us all pit bull pedicures and take us on a walk in the neighborhood. I am Lynette's favorite! She is the one who made me cookies on Valentines Day. She makes me feel special and I love it when she visits. :-)

I look forward to every Wednesday walkies. Thanks Lynette for making me feel extra special and for taking the time to help my foster mom give us all pit bull pedicures and a little extra TLC. You are the best!