Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My playdate with Arnie

Oooh! Guess what? I got to have an adventure of a lifetime the other day! I got to go to lunch with Arnie (puppy) and Ace (little human) and Arnie's foster parents Lindsay and Rich. Aren't I lucky?! And then after that, I got to visit the barn where all the doggies get saved and run around with Arnie. I wish Arnie could visit all the time. We had so much fun being dogs together. I can run FAST and so can he. I have never gotten to run in a field that big before! (Not to worry, it is safely fenced in, keeping me from any harm!) It was so much fun! Check out all the cool pictures. I get privileges like this because I am so good with other dogs. It sure pays off!

Thanks Arnie, Ace, Rich and Lindsay for such a fun day. I had a blast!

By the way, Arnie is in seek of his forever home. I hope I see Arnie again sometime. Sigh, I guess I can dream......

Well, off to snoozie in the sun. dreamin' of running in that big field again..... z..... zzzz........

tail wags and kisses to you!


  1. Thanks Heather! Dexter is a riot and seeing him have so much fun was hilarious! It is so funny when their lips flap in the air when they run really fast. So funny!

  2. Dexter, you would find your forever home soon. You are so wonderful!!!!