Friday, January 21, 2011

Urban Dog Sledding

Boy did I have fun today! Look what my foster dad taught me! I got to pull him on a skateboard. It was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!! My foster parents call it "Urban dog sledding". We went into this empty tennis court, and I got to run as fast as I can while pulling my foster dad on a skateboard. I can see why sled dogs are so happy!!!! I wish I lived in the snow so that I could be a real sled dog. But I guess for now, this will do.

Friday, January 14, 2011

My trip to Annabee's!!!!!!!!!!!

I got to go on a field trip yesterday all by myself with my foster mom. I got to go to a doggie bakery- Annabees!!!! It was so much fun! These nice ladies asked me to sit for treats. I behaved like the gentleman that I am. I got to eat gingerbread doggie cookies and get my back scratched by the nice lady who owns the shop.

My foster siblings at home were so jealous that I got to go to the bakery and they didn't! So, I brought them home a bag of fresh baked cookies so that they felt better. Aren't I nice? my foster mom was so proud of me for behaving so nicely. I even met a little wire hair terrier who I greeted very kindly and even wrestled with a little.
I've been a little worried about finding my forever home. My foster momma told me that if I stay the good dog that I am, that someone will want me home for keeps. I dream all the time about who that may be. I try to learn everything I possibly can about being a good dog so I can make someone out there proud to be my forever parent. For now, I am having fun learning my doggie manners and playing with my foster siblings.
Well, I am off for a walk! See you soon!