Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

I just wanted to sign in for a quick moment and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!!! I really like this time of year. I get to play in the mud, get lots of extra treats, and hang out! I hope you are all enjoying time away from work and being with family tomorrow. My foster momma told me that if I am a good dog then Santa will visit tonight and bring me some new dog toys! I promise to be a good dog!
Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My new friend Stella.

I made a new friend!!!! I will let the pictures speak for themselves. She is cutie pie brown dodo bird like me. :-)

Stella and I play "hide and seek", where I give her a head start and she goes and hides in the bushes. Then I try to find her and we spin in circles around the bushes, she tells me "Catch me if you can fella!!!"

Don't tell anyone, but I have a super big crush on Stella. She has the biggest smile I have ever seen....her smile makes me smile!!! If dogs could giggle, I would giggle when I think of Stella. I think she may have a crush on me too, but we are both too shy to admit it. It makes my foster mom happy to see us play. She told me that I am "dog-friendly" and that she is so proud of me for behaving nicely around visiting dogs. I have made other friends besides Stella too, I will have to tell you all about them another time.

I hope she comes over to play soon! Check out her big smile. You will see why it makes me smile... giggle giggle!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A little more about my past.....

So, like I said before, I came from the Napa Shelter where that thing called "time" was coming to an end. Before I was at the doggie shelter, I was a homeless dude on the streets. This isn't to say that I don't have manners however! I learned very quickly that the couch is not the same as a fire hydrant and that I only should go potty on bushes outside. I try very hard to please the people around me. As long as they give me clear directions, I do what they wish. Street life was no fun at all, and I much prefer to be surrounded by nice people.

I got a little worried at the shelter because I just wasn't sure if anyone would want me someday. This nice lady Deassa took notice of me. She pulled a couple strings and got me into the best rescue group EVER! BADRAP! Now I get my very own foster home, and I get to go Doggie School (Pit Bull Education) once a week. All I want is to be a better dog and when I go to school people tell me I am a good boy and that I am very handsome. :-) Its the coolest thing ever. Without Deassa, none of this may have happened. I am super lucky and grateful to her.

Here are a few picutes of me being handsome. I promise to write soon!

Okay, off to play with my foster siblings! See you soon!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hi! I am Dexter!

Hi folks! I've been meaning to write, ever since I left the shelter! Sorry it took me so long, I had a little trouble figuring out this keyboard thing....

I came from Napa Shelter about a month ago. My "time was up", but I still don't know what that means. What is time anyways??!!?? Life is goooooood these days! I have new doggie friends, new foster parents, and lots of fun fun fun! Have you ever met Jim Carry? My momma tells me that if I were a person, I would be Jim Carry, 'cause I make her giggle so much! I am a real clown! I don't mean to be, but I am just being myself, and I make people laugh! How cool is that? I am soooo happy to be out of the shelter, because I was getting a pretty confused and depressed in there. Since I left, I've pu on weight and gotten back to my jolly self. I love people so much! I like to wiggle my butt, wag my tail and give kisses every time I meet someone new! And, I love dogs too! I have so many new friends, life's a big party! I will post pictures of me and my friends soon. Nice to meet you all! I'm gonna sign off and go play with my new kong.

Life's goooood!